Slipstream Office for Mac updates

One of the downsides of having to install Office for Mac is that there isn’t an up to date installer available. This means installing version x.0 and go through numerous incremental updates to become x+3.5. I thought a delta update would be cool, so I created one:

Extract the file naming Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.mpkg from your download or DVD. This is the actual installer. Open your terminal or use ‘Show Package contents’ in Finder to browse to Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.mpkg/Contents/Packages/Office2011_all_dock.pkg/Contents/. Here you can place all update packages which you can download from the Microsoft website. Eventually you’ll become something like this:

ls -1 Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.mpkg/Contents/Packages/Office2011_all_dock.pkg/Contents/
Office 2011 14.4.6 Update.pkg
AutoUpdate Installer.mpkg
Error Reporting Installer.mpkg

Make sure you only use .mpkg or .pkg packages, so no DMG’s. At Microsoft Office for Mac 2011.mpkg/Contents/Packages/Office2011_all_dock.pkg/Contents/Resources/ there is a script called Postflight. Open this file and edit the 2 last lines so it becomes:

installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg "$1/Contents/Packages/office_2011_14.1.0_update.mpkg" -allowUntrusted -target /
installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg "$1/Contents/Packages/AutoUpdate Installer.mpkg" -allowUntrusted -target /
installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg "$1/Contents/Packages/Error Reporting Installer.mpkg" -allowUntrusted -target /
installer -dumplog -verbose -pkg "$1/Contents/Packages/Office 2011 14.5.2 Update.pkg" -allowUntrusted -target /
exit 0

Note that the order of the packages is important. Install first the service pack (14.1.0). Then some additional updates and then the incremental one (14.5.2). When Microsoft comes with another update of Office 2011 for Mac: simply open the installer-mpkg again, copy the updates into the Contents-folder and update the Postflight-script.